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Welcome to Candle Chat, a resource created for professional candle makers and hobbyists. General Wax & Candle hosts this site and encourages participation. Share photos of your latest candle creations with the community and have fun.

– General Wax & Candle Co. staff
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Candle Scent Throw


Vybar Crystals

Over the last 20 years, the development of a wide selection of candle scents has enabled candle manufacturers to experience record-breaking sales and a thriving homegrown candle-making community.  This post will review How to Increase Candle Scent Throw.

Candle scent is made with polar (water-based) and non-polar (oil based) materials and use many different components.

Always use scents from reliable manufacturers who have tested multiple types of waxes including  paraffin, soy, palm and beeswax. Candle scent throw is quite complex and may cause scents interact differently with various waxes. It is recommended to always test! Too much polar material will cause it to separate from the wax. This is called  scent or fragrance migration, bleeding or separation. Warmer environments are more likely to cause separation.

Vybar can help lock in scent and sustain candle scent throw. Start by using 1/2% and no more than 2%. Use Vybar 103 for pillars and free standing candles, Vybar 260 for container-filled candles and Vybar 343 for mottling candles.

Candle scent burns off when exposed to temperatures above 120 degrees. Reduce exposure and maintain scent quality by adding it last. A quality scent is formulated with a high flash point (the lowest temperature at which the vapor of a combustible liquid can be made to ignite momentarily in air) and effectively avoids scent burn off. It is recommended to work with scents possessing a flash point no less than 142 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to flash point, determine the scent’s “throw” (how evenly a candle scent is distributed throughout a room). The scent throw originates from the melt pool of a burning candle and should be no more than 1/4″ thick for optimum throw. The heat given off by the melt pool from a burning candle creates an updraft of warm air and carries with it the scent. Wax additives may play a factor in both cold and warm throw.

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7 oz. Highly Scented Glass Container Candles

The Scents and Moods of the Seasons!
Scented 7oz. Highly Scented Glass Container Candles wrapped in colorful graphics are sure to compliment any occasion. On sale now! Marked down from $8.99, now just $2.99 each at
7oz. Highly Scented Container Candles

The Scents of the Seasons!

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High Quality Candle Wax Bottling Melting Tank

High Quality Candle Wax Bottling Melting Tank using Watlow heaters, brass water gauges, thermometer and brass plugs. This tank will deliver years of uninterrupted use with minimum care. Phone orders only. 800-929-7867.

High Quality Candle Wax Bottling Melting Tank enjoys a reputation second to none for high quality High Quality Candle Wax Bottling Melting Tankmanufacturing. All materials and fittings in this product are 18 gauge, #4 polished stainless steel. The tank is TIG welded and rigorously tested.

Watlow heaters, brass water gauges, top quality Weiss thermometer and brass plugs are used throughout. The wax tank holds up to 16 gallons and will deliver years of uninterrupted use with minimum care.

For more details, visit our web page at–books—kits/candle-wax-tanks/cate_166/p___P0809532.html

Phone orders only. 800-929-7867.

tank brass water gauges
cover thermometer
Watlow heater glass
nipples & plugs glass protector rods
Teflon tape instructions
Price $1,299.
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8 Candle Making Supplies You Have in Your Kitchen

“You probably have at least a few
of these candle making supplies buried
in the back of your kitchen drawer.”

  1. Spoon – When it comes to candle making supplies, the spoon is an essential tool,  especially when making specialty candles. It can replace a whisk when making whipped wax, since its easier to clean and you can work within a smaller container. Also useful to spoon molten wax into small crevasse and to top off the bottom of candles with more control.
  2. Ladle – One of your candle making supplies that is great for transferring small to medium amounts of wax from one candle container to another without getting burned. Also useful for evening out molten wax when making homemade beeswax sheets.chopstick make great wick holders
  3. Chopsticks – Finally a use for your Chinese takeout utensil! If you don’t want to splurge on wick holders yet, look towards chopsticks to the rescue! Put wick in between two chopsticks and secure with paper clamps. Also useful for stirring in color, scent, and additives.
  4. Meat Thermometer – Much cheaper than a wax thermometer, and no need to worry about spilled mercury if broken. If I had extra money to burn, I would get a digital one this time. Saves me the time to sit there and wait for the pointer to go up.
  5. Metal Bowls – Great alternative to pouring pots and vats. Only downside is that you cant hold onto the rim when removing from the double boiler, so try using pliers to lift the bowl. Useful for storing wax, whipping wax, and most of all, melting wax!
  6. Coffee Filters – Comes in handy when making a project with recycled wax or wax with debris. Place 1 filter in an empty metal bowl, pour the melted wax into it, and lift the coffee filter by its edges slowly to drain out all the clean wax.
  7. Tin Lids – Remember the good ol’ AOL cds that came in the metal tins? Who knew that these would come in handy for my candle making! Works great for making small batches of chunks for chunk candles, no need to melt large amounts of wax to make a thin layer of wax sheet, since the surface area is so small. Other tin lids work too, like cookie tin or candy tin lids.
  8. Toothpick – Nice disposable tool for poking wick holes into warm wax or applying small amounts of varnish to candles.

Needless to say, your newly found candle making supplies will no longer be able to use this kitchenware for cooking again. Candle making supplies are everywhere in your kitchen. You just have to stop and look. Hope this list has been helpful!

Share your candle making tools with us.
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article reprinted from candle101 by paoling.

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6 Candle Making Issues – Resolved

All candle making aficionado’s occasionally run in to issues that need a quick solution. Submitted for your approval. . .

issue resolution
Frost marks on the side of the candle. Warm the mold prior to the pour. Raise the pouring temperature.
Candle has fractures or cracks. Pour the candle and allow it to set in a warmer environment.
Pit marks and air bubbles. Clean the mold well and pour slowly to eliminate air bubbles. Try raising the pouring temperature.
Spots under the surface resemble air bubbles or clouding. Wax may have been damaged during heating. Use new wax. Avoid reheated and frequently used wax.
Unwanted mottling. Too much fragrance oil used. Add Vybar to eliminate mottling.
Oil/dye bleeds out of the finished candle. Reduce the amount of fragrance oil. Add Vybar.

We hope this resolves at least a few of the issues that we stumble across during our candle making routine. For detailed product information, visit—all/s___38.html

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